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Edufam International Academy

Introducing Edufam: Your Trusted Success Partner.

In today's fast-paced professional world, mastering soft skills and effective leadership is imperative for success. However, many businesses and individuals find themselves struggling to cultivate these essential competencies, hindering their growth potential. Enter Edufam, a beacon of transformation and innovation in the realm of soft skills and leadership training.

Personalised / Customised Training

Precisely Tailored Programs

At Edufam, we take pride in leading the charge with cutting-edge educational solutions tailored to meet the critical needs of both businesses and individuals.


Our mission is simple yet profound: to empower educators and professionals alike with evidence-based practices, enriching their capabilities and expanding their impact in the competitive landscape.


Conventional methods often fall short, leaving significant gaps in pivotal areas such as communication and personal growth. We take this up as a challenge by offering comprehensive training programs precisely tailored to nurture essential soft skills and leadership qualities.


Determining the Quality of Education

by a Skilled Instructor

Edufam offers consultation and coaching services for the Quality of Education in order to guarantee the precise and comprehensive application of the knowledge and abilities acquired during the trainings. Edufam designates an appropriate facilitator to collaborate closely with participants in order to provide guidance, consultation, monitoring, and evaluation of the newly acquired and implemented practises.

Why Edufam International Academy?

  • Competitive Fees

  • Online/ Onsite Options

  • Member Benefits

  • One to One Coaching/ Group Training

  • Mentors from around the globe 

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Immersing yourself in a productive learning environment with motivated peers. Surrounding yourself with talent inspires excellence. Unlocking lifelong learning habits and self-improvement mindsets that fuel continuous growth.

We adore our customers

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What our client says!

"Dr Haleema is one of the most committed educationist I have come across. A mentor par excellence with a single minded focus to empower children particularly the girl child to face the challenges of real life. Proud to have been part of the same group. Wishing Dr Haleema the best in her mission."

"Dr. Haleema Sadia serves as a mentor at LedBy Foundation where she brings three decades of expertise as a leadership mentor and coach in the educational leadership arena. Her training sessions are extremely engaging, with practical exercises and hands-on learning activities. The graduates of LedBy have thoroughly appreciated her sessions."

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